lauantai 16. helmikuuta 2019

The Final Countdown!

Abel: Hello there all you lovely peeps! This time the blog is hijacked by us, Abel and Esther... and we're interpreting you the final volume of Trinity Blood manga (the Finnish edition) TTvTT There might be slight spoilers so don't let your guard down if you still haven't read it!
Esther: I'm feeling quite melancholic right now. I mean, how long was the manga ongoing, something over 10 years? It feels like eternity!
Abel: Or blink of an eye... just kidding, it was a long-lasting job for Kiyo-sensei <3

Esther: Ok, let's have a look at the book! It was so much fun to pose with it!

Abel: Definitely. Especially when there was such a handsome cover model to pose with ;DD
Esther: ...yea... x> Anyway, I'm happy you got back alive and are all well (at least right now). 
Abel: And so am I. Well, thank you, honestly :) Even though you really wouldn't have had to worry about me ;) <3

Esther: That's how my hair looks from the side..? I think I need to check out the mirror more often.
Abel: Definitely. U_U
Esther: Abel! >///<

Esther: I really like these two pics <3

Esther: Oh, and there was a thing I had to show you! My new shoes that will be part of my uniform!
Esther: I just lovelovelove them so much! <333 
Abel: A lady without beautiful high-heels is like a dessert without the decoration: already sweet and lovely but could still do even better!
Esther: Haha, a dessert with decoration equals to a woman with feet in pain x''> You can massage my feet after the first day of using these shoes.

Esther: The shoes are bought from Cool Cat Collection Shop. The dress is bought second hand. I never really cared about dark green, but maybe it fits for my hair color.

Abel: You know what the fans are actually waiting for?
Esther: Fans? No idea.
Abel: Some beautiful manga romance moment of course!
Esther: But... we're not even living inside a manga x3

 Esther: Abel, you know what...

Abel: What?
Esther: You're just so silly!
Abel: And to these romantic final words, we shall end this post! Bye for now and don't forget to be good to each others!
Esther: Bye!

Abel: Oh, and before we leave, we'll let you know the two new doll members of the family! They're still unboxed and their characters will be revealed 𝆔 in 𝆔 the 𝆔 future!!! >~<

maanantai 31. joulukuuta 2018

The memory of the Christmas and great happiness for the New Year 2019!

Hello my dears, for the last time this year! 😘 This time we'll have a post with huge photo collection and few words. In the other words, there's everything left from the past holidays 😉

First, there's the first ever group photo series of four of us after all the custom changes. Everybody looks so gorgeous! 

From left to right, back to front: Will-darling 💗 (Taeyang Tuxedo Mask), father Nightroad (Taeyang Steampunk Gyro), Gretell (Taeyang Grell Sutcliff), sister Blanchett (Pullip Ludmila). 

The two awe-inspiring gentlemen: grim reaper William T. Spears and father Abel Nightroad! 😍

And there the two ladies of red: grim reaper Grell Sutcliff and sister Esther Blanchett 😘

I just can't get enough of father Nightroads beautiful silver hair. He's on his very own level both on appearance and spirit 😍

There my darling Will and a few photos of the two of us. He always tells me he can't stand me... but pictures tell more than hundred words! 😏

You can tell just by looking at them, that these two have experienced a lot together. Whenever I ask them, sister and father always swear to be just friends. A friendship close like this is something you hardly ever get to see, let alone be part of 😌

There's an experiment we did with flash light. Esther's eyes look completely different with and without it!

Sister wanted to include the beautiful Christmas flower to our photo shoot. She got... carried away...😁
She ended up borrowing a teddy bears Christmas clothes 😄 She's quite a sweetheart, isn't she? Last but not least, there's some poses I did with my new beautiful hat. It deserved a photo shoot of it's own! 💕

 Well, this was all this time. We'll see again next year. Until then cha-cha-cha my darling! 😘