perjantai 31. elokuuta 2018

My bae came to see me!!!

Good night! Today I HAVE TO share something amazing with you dears! My dear babe William had enough of our half-dead long-distance relationship and decided to come see me in the doll world! I was the happiest lady in the whole city when the post brought him! 💕😍💕 Unfortunately he didn't manage to get his personal death scythe with him, and he also lost his glasses in the way, so now I have to do everything in my power to cheer my bae up 😌💗

Here the first ever photos of him <3 He's wearing Taeyang Tuxedo Mask outfit, as that's his stock. Doesn't he look handsome in that 💗 He's also missing his green eyes, but according to my host that will be fixed soon as possible (which, knowing my host, will not be that soon after all...). 


Next we did a small photoshoot in the balcony. Lucky enough, it was one of those days there happened to be enough light in the balcony.

Why you're so perfect??!? 😍

There Will is posing with a novice death scythe... I just want to hug him, hits like these can be too much for his pride... which will lead him to become even more workaholic 😞

Ok... I couldn't resist teasing him a bit 😁
...but he's always so rough with those he loves the most... 😫💧

Last but not least, here's a group photo of us all! Sorry for the poorest (indoor lightning) quality 😣 Esther had a lot to ask from me 😆
Anyhow, cha-cha-cha till the next time, darlings! 😘

lauantai 18. elokuuta 2018

Just some summer tasks

Good evening, my dears <3 Actually I had a photo shoot this week. It went perfectly, we got nice variety of pics. The biggest change is that the blog got an instagram account! My host is also learning how to use filters, so I can look even more fabulous on the blog 😘

Now dears, have some fun checking out all the photos! 💗


This crazy swing screams for Alice in Wonderland! I'll have to wear my Cheshire cat hat next time!😻

Finally I got my baby the most beautiful death scythe in the world to pose with 💗 It's like I got my right arm back 💪

Even the summer isn't all fun... I got a bit training with my baby for the next soul reaping job. Girl gotta keep stay in shape on summer!



This must be the best photo on this whole set, don't you think?


And as this was supposed to be a summer time photoshoot, we had to have something green in it as well. Well, at least an artificial plant and a sack of compost 😝 To be honest, I wanted to have this photo set because of that flower pot matched perfectly with my hair and my grim reaper glasses 💗 They succeeded pretty well... though my legs got all numb after all that sitting in the flower pot!


...and after all that fun it was time to put everything back in order... where's my personal butler when I most need him??? 😣

I wish you enjoyed this post! Cha-cha-cha till the next time, darlings! 😘