lauantai 1. kesäkuuta 2019

The summer challenge 2019!

Hello there dears! 😘 Summer is close, and so is the summer challenge 2019! The idea is to take as many photo shoots as possible between June and August. This blog post will be updated with the (hopefully) daily photos. I wish you warm and lovely summer 2019! 😎☀💕

June 11th, 2019

Long time no see! 💕 Did you miss me? I know you did 😘 Today I pretended to be one tiny precious strawberry at the strawberry basket. 🍓 💗 Francoise borrowed her hairband. Unfortunately it's color is identical to my hair color, so you can barely see it 😫 

Cha cha cha till the next time! Take care you dears 😘

June 1st, 2019

Esther is the one to begin this challenge! She's fine posing inside, for there's a beautiful view to the green backyard! And no, those aren't some beautiful summer flowers waiting for the right weather to be planted... it's basilica 😁

Just a reminder... Exactly a month ago, this is what Francoise saw trough the window: cold spell after a week of hot weather 😖⛄

August 31st, 2019

The last day of the summer challenge, so we're not late at all 😅 This time we will introduce the three newest members of our doll family, the Wammy's boys! More photos of them coming soon, this is just for the sake of participating the challenge before it ends 😙

 First, there's two of the boys in the Midsummer, June. They're still a bit unrecognizable, we'll learn their names later 😎😎

There's the youngest member of the geniuses, and the trio together, June.😘

They say that he doesn't like to exercise, maybe it's just the matter of bike, for this one is not moving too fast... Well, he does still look a bit nervous doesn't he? 😅 June.

Does the genius number one have a small florist living in his heart? How romantic 😍 June.

And finally, you get a better look at their characters, thanks to the new wigs! 💇 June.

And that was all for this year's summer challenge. Unfortunately it's still far less than expected 😓 but we'll try to participate with better commitment next year 🙏 Keep yourself well and healthy, dears! 😘💗💗💗

maanantai 11. maaliskuuta 2019

The Cyborg Twins!

Hello dears! This time we shall introduce two new members of the doll family 😍 They arrived a while ago, but unfortunately haven't had time to show up for the camera yet 😖

The first one is quite a fighter, she knows how to defend herself and the justice! Her name is Gally, named after the cyborg Gally from the series Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita). Her model is Pullip Date Masamune (series Sengoku Basara) and she was released in 2011. 

Her box is bright blue with beautiful golden details

She comes with striking blue samurai stock outfit based on the historical character of Date Masamune. 

Her hair is straight and pitch black bob, perfect for a tough lady! 

Anyhow, there's no question what is the most eye-catching part of her stock outfit... it's of course the cool helmet of daimio (warlord). Yet, the two sets of three katanas are also worth mentioning. Each sword can be pulled out of the sheaths and she can also hold them with both hands. How cool is that!

She comes also with pretty many shields and other accessories. It's a little bit concerning that the Velcro pieces on these accessories are microscopic... So unfortunately I don't expect them to last if you want to open them more than once 😕

Underneath the blue jacket she has a armor suit with a shirt that actually consists of two pieces!
The over shirt has long torso with Velcro opening on the back. The sleeves are actually see-through net, which gives nice texture to the look. The top underneath is the length of crop top, with long black sleeves and also Velcro in the back. Together these two look pretty neat! The only con would be that it's pretty difficult to wear the two long tight sleeves one over another.

She wears flip-flops with strings, and gray socks under them. There's also cool pads for knees and legs!

In conclusion, the stock outfit of Pullip Date Masamune was way more detailed than expected. It comes with many cool warrior accessories and it has nice historical touch to it. The pattern on the back of his jacket seemed to be a little bit out of place, as well as the shape of the jacket and the bright blue fabrics. Of course this outfit is based on the anime series Sengoku Basara, so the design couldn't be helped. 
Anyhow, this outfit will be used in the future for certain (even if Gally will also get her neat black fighter overalls)!

The second lady comes with bright red box with pretty silver details and turquoise interior. And she is, of course... the cyborg lady 003 Francoise Arnoul from the anime series 009 Cyborg! There's a bit of ambivalence over her persona, as she was originally bought to become another character. Anyhow, she's actually so perfectly sweet in person (and having cyborg twins is a deathly cute concept! 😍 ), so for now she will greet us as the cyborg lady with super vision and hearing!

She comes also with a bob haircut. The hair color is pretty much blonde as it can be, though it's beautiful natural color instead of the bright yellow you can see in the older anime series. Apparently she was released for the re-do of the classic series in 2012.  

Her dress is practical and simple yet striking and memorable, which fits for the character (she also comes with little red dress as a second outfit but I completely forgot to shoot it!). She has knee-length black boots, which come with attached knee pads. Her scarf has wire inside, so you can make it look like flowing with the wind!

Well, may we also give a moment for her eyes. Her eye makeup is absolutely beautiful (and a very good reason to buy this doll even if not a fan!), and her eye chips must be one of the most stunning stock chips out there. Overall, really really wonderful doll!

There's a comparison of their faceups. Both of them have pretty nude makeup, no strong lipstick, nude eyelids and no eyeshadow. They have no time to spend all day doing makeup, they have more important things to worry about!
Gally has cat-like eyeliner, and it's worth mentioning the inner corner of eye has shining cover so the liner can look like it disappears with flashlight! Francoise has strong liner on the upper lid, which makes her eye lashes look very big. She also has a little bit of blush on completely pale skin tone, while Gally seems to have a bit of tan on her skin tone. Gally's eye chips are golden-brown, while Francoise has the eye color of esmerald green.

And what would be a post with cyborg twins without any couple pics? They look like the opposites of each others, yet looking somehow similar. Their styles and characters sure are like day and night, but somehow I have a feeling they'll get perfectly along together! 😘💕

Last but not least, there's a few photos with our current doll family! 
(Spoiler, there will be the Wammy's boys introduced in the future!)